Free Botanical Printable from Lismore Paper Co.

Hortensia opuloïdes tea 8 x 10 frame

I love botanicals! My favorites have an aged paper appearance or printed on aged/stained paper. This weekend we had the opportunity to appreciate the spectacular colors that lit the foliage for the season finale. In my next post, I will share a few of the pictures I captured on a quick trip to Houghton Lake, MI. Many of the trees and botanicals are now at full color and just holding on by a thread. 

This printable captures that hue of color that the season blesses us with. The botanical print has a tea-stain paper overlay that gives it a nice vintage flair. Attached is a PDF of the print above. 

Hydrangea tea 8 x 10 PDF

I hope you enjoy all the season has to offer! For more botanicals visit

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