When Fashion and Nature Collide – A Fairytale

Modeled and Styled by Dominique of 3CStyle. Watercolor and type by Lisa@LismorePaper It all started with the dress. Evoking romance and a pure pleasure to the senses. White frills woven like a rose so pure and graceful. A desired connection falling into place. A fairytale. As a little girl, I was always daydreaming about these … Continue reading When Fashion and Nature Collide – A Fairytale


When Fashion and Nature Collide – Anniversary Edition

It is a season of renew, blooms, a spring palette of neutrals, pale hues of pinks, greens, and purples. There is a need to discover nature's wonders and to inspire the artsy soul. A simple kind of beauty makes this time of the year magical. Whimsical delights dance in the changing air. It's March, a month that marks change. This year it is extra special to me, it also marks, When Fashion and Nature Collide, first anniversary.

A T-Shirt Teaser – Fashioned By Nature

It is the ultimate of casual attire. They started out as undershirts for the boys in the military. In the 1950's after Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire, the t-shirt finally achieved status as fashionable outerwear garment, and ever since, they have grown wild in popularity. Everyone has t-shirts worldwide. They are … Continue reading A T-Shirt Teaser – Fashioned By Nature