Being Thankful – Print & Tag

Thanksgiving Wreath ThankfulAt times life can really be trying. For most, we have to plan our time with family and friends, save for the things we need and want, and have many responsibilities to tend to (food, a roof over our head, and electricity). It’s not easy to do this day in and day out. But these things, I am thankful for. From these we learn responsibility, lessons, love, and truly what is important. Sometimes we struggle and other times we look around and realize our accomplishments.

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving on the 22nd take the time to tell the ones you love that you are thankful for their love and friendship. For all of you reading, I am thankful for you. Thank you for enriching my life, sharing your stories, and allowing me to learn and grow. I appreciate you.

Please feel free to use these graphics for personal use. Click on the image to save to your device. The Thankful wreath graphic 8″x10″ can be used for cards or printable. The graphic below is a tag 2″x3.5″ to tie onto a package or for placement on the Thanksgiving table.

Tag - So very Thankful for you 2inch x 3.5inch tag

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love,




The Power of Mother Nature

Birch Fall 2018

We all aspire to have a better life. Live with little stress and enjoy the efforts of our hard work. We need to look after ourselves, make sure we take care of our body and that includes our mind. We need to be in our right element to root properly, take shape, and prune away when needed. Life tends to get in the way sometimes with work, households, and family members who are sick and/or aging. I am learning this first hand.

Even though we learn while taking care of loved ones how patience and compassion helps in the caregiving/healing process. We need to extend this to ourselves. When we don’t, it stifles our minds and ceases the creative process.

This has hit home with me. I needed a refresher, a break from the fishbowl and the noise. Feeling overwhelmed with simple tasks, I needed a reset. Realizing this, I decided a visit with Mother Nature was needed.

Woods Fall 2018

Even though it has been raining here for days and days, I grabbed my camera, rubber boots, and began exploring by myself. I needed to feel the mist on my face, hear the graceful sounds of the forest floor, and breathe in the crisp air of Autumn. The colors are just beginning their show and I am anxious to repeat my hike within the next week to capture more of the crimson and golds.

With each step I took, the baggage of life began to drop. The virtual weight of boulders fell to the ground. All of my senses began firing again. Mother Nature has a way of nurturing the soul naturally. The stress build-up washed away with the rain. I felt refreshed again and able to create. I hunted for solace and peace, finding it just a few steps away. It soothed my restless soul. The Midnight Hunt was a product of letting go.

Midnight Hunt by Lisa@LismorePaper Midnight Hunt watermark

A look at a few steps along the way…

Remember to take care of yourself on this Autumn Day! What is your favorite thing to do to reset yourself?

Much love,


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Meet Esmerelda


It was brought to my attention that most of you didn’t know that I have an amazing side kick, Esmerelda. We call her Esme for short. When I realized I had only made remarks in posts about having a dog, and never sharing this hairy beast, I had to change that.

Esme is eight years old and a black German Shepherd. She is faithful, loving, and has such a kind heart. There is only one drawback, if you knock on the door, she goes into I didn’t invite you mode. Now, if you have a Dream Bone in your hand or something really tasty like a Ham Sammy, she most likely will let you in if you toss it to her and immediately sit down. She’s not quite Cujo unless she sees a chipmunk. I have to pause in writing this post because someone wants to eat.

Esme at 11 and 13 weeks old. She stole my heart as soon as I brought her home.

Esme and her sister Esther became a part of our family after our beloved chihuahua, Marge, passed away. I never thought in a million years I could ever love a dog as much as I loved him. Marge was a boy, I know…odd, but it fit. I was wrong, I love her endlessly and is truly a best friend. Unfortunately, we were only blessed with Esther for five years before illness took her too soon.

Esme and Esther, they were truly sisters. Fight one minute and love each other the next. So Linda, I can completely relate.

Esme has changed a bit since Esther has passed. She is more spoiled, vocal, and she has learned some sign language. It’s fun to be able to communicate without words, I twirl my finger in a circle to tell her to wipe her feet at the door. Now if she could hold the doggy wipe and wipe her paws when raining it would be amazing!

So when I am creating, she is laying beneath my desk with her head on my foot. I don’t think my creations would be quite the same without her by my side. There is nothing better and more pure than loving and being loved by a dog. I love seeing everyone’s pets and the crazy things they do. I hope you continue to share your pets with all of us.


We hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Much love.

Lisa & Esme