When Fashion and Nature Collide – Winter Adventure

“When snow falls, nature listens.”

Antoinette Van Kleeff

Winter is a lingering season. It’s the perfect time to embark on adventure. Put hibernating aside and breathe in the crisp, fresh air. Silvery snow invites us to take part in activities like snowshoeing, skating, and skiing. To live for fresh powder is a life of bliss, to dance on ice is freedom, and to see the forest under a blanket of white is breathtaking.

Welcome to our January edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. On the third Wednesday of each month, we will post a new collaborative edition. You will see art, beautiful fashion and accessories styled by Dominique from 3C Style, flowers and beautiful art by Darren from the Arty Plantsman, and original art from me Lisa@Lismore Paper. Be sure to check out each blog for the full edition.

Ski – Under a moon lit sky

Skis, boots, bindings, backcountry gear, and outerwear. Of course I cannot forget about the fresh falling powder. I am so inspired by this sport. When I was younger, I loved to ski at night, breathe in the chilly air while sailing down the hill. The lights and the moon illuminating the slope made me ignore the cold temperature. The colors of the outerwear splashed across the side of the hills against the white palette. Inspired by Darren’s flower, Gentiana Acaulis, the blue color pops, making a lovely statement on the slopes. Dominique’s scarf is a perfect match. Who doesn’t love a patch that depicts a winter sport. This pen and ink creation is part of an Adventure series.

Modeled and styled by Dominique from 3CStyle. Photography by Marie-Claude. Flower Photography by Darren from ArtyPlantsman. Ski Art by Lisa@LismorePaper. Copyright 3CStyle, ArtyPlantsman and LismorePaper.

Ice Skating

To dance on ice is freedom. My favorite sport is hockey, so the ice has always held a special part of my heart. To rush end to end on a frozen lake on a pair of blades is pure genius in my eyes. Dominique is having fun dancing on ice. My love of vintage also makes an appearance. A fantastic vintage patent print fits perfectly. Look at how the color of nature inspires so many items we wear and create with. The color of the Puya Berteronian Flower is quite an amazing specimen.

Modeled and styled by Dominique from 3CStyle. Photography by Marie-Claude. Skate Patent is part of the public domain. Flower photography used with permission of https://strangewonderfulthings.com/htm.

Snowshoeing and Onions

Snowshoeing is a form of hiking. It’s an ideal way to float across the deep snow. So many winter discoveries can be made while participating in this sport. Your eyes really get the treat while traveling through the wilderness with this mode of manual transportation. It’s also incredibly important to dress in layers to stay warm. Speaking of layers…I was completely delighted when the layered art idea was presented to Darren and myself by Dominique. Darren had created the life like drawing of the onion. Dominique had said it was like an anatomical human eye. She asked if I would draw the anatomy of the eye over Darren’s art work. I,of course, was thrilled. I have a love of anatomy and science. With that, the “Onion Eye” was born.

Styled and Modeled by Dominique from 3C Style. Photography by Marie-Claude. Onion Art and flower photography by Darren from Arty Plantsman. Anatomy Art by Lisa@LismorePaper. Copyright 3CStyle, ArtyPlantsman, and Lismore Paper.

The Perfect Winter Accessories

You can find it on an Alpaca Farm. Yep…you read it right! Those beautiful creatures are known for their amazing fiber. Did you know Alpaca fiber is used for hats, mits, scarves, gloves, and sweaters. How can you not fall in love with them.

Styled and Modeled by Dominique from 3C Style. Photography by Emma. Alpaca Postcard Art by Lisa@LismorePaper. Copyright by 3CStyle and Lisa@LismorePaper.

I hope you can get out and start your winter adventure!

Our next edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide is on February 20th.

Much love and creativity,



The Gift of Winter

In a cocoon of soft knits, fleece, cozy slippers, and generous soft lighting, it is easy to dream about spring. We are in January and still have quite a few, long months left. We are given the gift of Winter. For most of us who live where winter holds on a little too long, it forces us to slow down, and savor down time.

The sun is still setting beyond the trees a bit too soon for my taste. Snow sneaks in after midnight even though it isn’t supposed to. I enjoy visiting the local floral and gift shops in town. The scent of flowers is intoxicating and the wax melt pot can certainly transport your senses to another season. Here is my new favorite. I happened upon this while shopping. It truly smells like a garden with it’s highly fragrant floral scent.

Another place to look for spring inspiration is in vintage illustration. Winter is the perfect time to restore and create new botanical illustrations. I have added a Free Graphics tab at the top of the page. Once you click on the page, you can download the images I have shared. Use them for your own projects or art.

Here is one of my favorites. I believe it is from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. The Calandrinia is a beautiful flower for rock gardens. I thought this specific one would look gorgeous on invitations, cards, botanical paper, and as a piece of framed art. Right click on the image to save to your device or visit the Free Graphics page.

I hope you are wrapped up cozy and dreaming of Spring!

Much love,