Being Thankful – Print & Tag

Thanksgiving Wreath ThankfulAt times life can really be trying. For most, we have to plan our time with family and friends, save for the things we need and want, and have many responsibilities to tend to (food, a roof over our head, and electricity). It’s not easy to do this day in and day out. But these things, I am thankful for. From these we learn responsibility, lessons, love, and truly what is important. Sometimes we struggle and other times we look around and realize our accomplishments.

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving on the 22nd take the time to tell the ones you love that you are thankful for their love and friendship. For all of you reading, I am thankful for you. Thank you for enriching my life, sharing your stories, and allowing me to learn and grow. I appreciate you.

Please feel free to use these graphics for personal use. Click on the image to save to your device. The Thankful wreath graphic 8″x10″ can be used for cards or printable. The graphic below is a tag 2″x3.5″ to tie onto a package or for placement on the Thanksgiving table.

Tag - So very Thankful for you 2inch x 3.5inch tag

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love,




Vintage Santa Print

A Merry Christmas Santa 8 x 10

I know it’s not time yet. We haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving here in the States, but we are close. This year, I am just chomping at the bit to put some of my decorations out. Usually, I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t know if it is all the Hallmark movies, or the hiking in the snow, but I am ready to embrace the season.

I created the image above for a frame that I change the art out for the season. I am sharing this 8×10 Santa print for personal use. Click on the image to save to your device.

Are you preparing to decorate for the holidays?

Have a wonderful weekend and happy decorating!

Much love,


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Black Cat Graphic from 1876

Brick Red Cat 8 x 10

Antique graphics are the perfect medium to create signs, cards, or use for decoration. I am always looking for antique ads to decorate with. I thought this one would be perfect for Halloween with the black cats, color scheme, and dark sky. The only repair made was the color, I decided to leave the torn edges. I am going to decoupage onto a thin board and use for a backdrop to decorate with for the Fall season.

Click on graphic to save to your device. Size is 8 x 10 but can be resized to your project size.

Happy Sunday!

Much love,


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Ocean Art and an announcement

5 x 7 Sea Paper

There’s something about water that draws us in and fascinates us. There are approximately 332.5 million cubic miles of water on Earth. Water covers more than 70 percent of Earth’s surface. As humans we long to find peace and tranquility. So where do we usually go, to the water. It might be as simple as a fountain in the garden, exploring the sea with an air tank and fins, a boat ride, or a beach vacation. For me, the water has always brought a great sense of peace to my soul. I love to learn about the creatures of the sea, Great Lakes, and our little ponds and streams. The life beneath the surface of the water is incredible.

I am so excited about the When Fashion and Nature Collide  August Edition (the link will take you to our July edition). You will see so many beautiful photos and art. This edition takes us to the Ocean on Wednesday, August 15th. In honor of our upcoming edition, I have created paper using vintage paper and drawings. The base is made of a ships cargo log and compass. There are octopus arms, whale, pink coral, and little fish. This is set as a  5 x 7 inch print, but can be resized. Click on the picture to save to your device. It looks great in an 8 x 10 frame. I just added it to my own nautical room. For personal use only.

I also want to share some news! Lismore Paper has gone THREADLESS! Take an adventure with me. I am taking my pen and ink doodles to t-shirts and accessories for Men, Women, and Children. At any time you can click on the Shop Lismore Paper link at the top or side bar for t-shirts, accessories, and digital paper. I will be adding more each week and if there is something you would like to see, please let me know 🙂



Much love and a happy Sunday!


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Strawberry Shortcake Paper

Strawberry Shortcake Paper 4 x 6

With the upcoming holiday and attending our neighborhood beach party next Saturday, my mind has been on summer treats. There is nothing better than whip cream, fresh picked strawberries, and cake . I could not resist adding a side of flowers and ephemera. This is set as a 4 x 6 card.

Strawberry Shortcake Paper 4 x 6

Click on the PDF link to save to your device. Free for personal use. Great as a card, decoupage, and craft projects.

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed celebration!

Much love,





The Beauty of Spring and a free Spring Print

DSC_0001 (2)

With the air crisp and cold it almost convinced me it was a January morning. Even though it is April, this was the view on Saturday. The trees frosted with a thin layer of snow, a fresh blanket of white on the ground and the spring birds singing. Usually, the lake is frozen and offers no reflection of the landscape on the water when the snow falls. The previous day was a balmy thirty eight degrees and just enough to melt the lake. This is the beauty of spring. The little surprises when you open the curtain in the morning. We have no green signs of life at the moment, the poor little dears are buried beneath the snow, but with the sun it still evokes magic. Nature, no matter what the season, still provides a serene stillness you can enjoy if dressed properly.

This morning, the view and temps were slightly different. It had dropped into the low teens over night. I don’t think the geese appreciated this fact as they were standing on the ice. Today, I could not get close. They flapped their wings in anger. I really could not blame them, they were freezing their tail feathers off. If you look close you can see their outline.

DSC_0005 (2)

Since there are no signs of green and certainly no flowers, I thought a spring print would brighten the day. Click on image below to save to your device. This is for personal use only. This is a 4 x 6 print.

4 x 6 Watercolor Rabbit Post with pink hydrangea

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining!

Much love,



When Fashion and Nature Collide – March

Photo Mar 17, 10 41 35 AM

Fashion and Nature flow together seamlessly. I love the texture and vivid colors paired with a vintage flair that spans across decades. Timeless pieces regardless of the trend. Nature is an inspiration for my art as it is paired with elements of texture, ephemera, and pieces like lace and etchings. I also love to walk outside and take in the world around me. The palette that surrounds us in life is full of magic. Mother Nature truly allows for endless possibilities. If you take a look in your closet, you will find the same. Textile artists have captured the same feel and have used those same color palettes for centuries. I can only imagine that they were also inspired by their surroundings so many years ago. Take a look at how they pair…

Photo Mar 17, 10 27 11 AM

Photo Mar 17, 10 36 21 AM

In my art, I use the layers to achieve the collision between these worlds. It amazes me that a flower or a critter grows to be breathtakingly beautiful with lively colors that would not be paired together normally. It isn’t until we see them in bloom or running in the wild that we pair these colors together. We use them in so many ways without thinking about the a original inspiration.

March Art Sample

On the third Wednesday of each month, you will see the collision of fashion and nature. My portion of this wonderful collaboration is an art piece that brings all the elements together. I will also include an item or two collaborated from the pieces of the members of our team. I will also share posts here on my blog from Darren, Dominique, and Roda. Please visit these fantastic sites, they are so incredibly talented.

Right click or highlight to save the 1″ circles to your drive. For personal use only. This is sized to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

March planner and craft circles

Much love,