Carolina Larkspur Botanical Print

I discovered this beauty while going through a book called, A Guide to Wildflowers. The best part is this image is on the public domain. It would make a beautiful sign, journal cover, jewelry, or as hanging art. This is a slender perennial with unbranched stems. White to pale blue, spurred flowers in a narrow … Continue reading Carolina Larkspur Botanical Print



There is nothing like spending time at home. Spring cleaning was on the agenda this weekend. It becomes an inspiring environment when everything is sparkling clean. Just a few shots around home. Now I need to get outside and finish up those gardens. Living in the woods has it challenges. Here are a few shots … Continue reading Home

To Cultivate

I am still mulching my gardens in an attempt to freshen up the look. Pulling weeds, prepping the ground, and shoveling mulch...lots and lots of mulch. Cultivating provides a sense of contentment. There is definitely a feeling of satisfaction when you stand back and take in your work, especially when you power through an invasion of … Continue reading To Cultivate