Rock ~ Paper ~Scissors Series – Postcard From Paris

I dream about faraway places. Unfortunately as of today travel is not possible because of health concerns. From home, I am creating images of the places I wish to visit.

WordPress and Instagram has allowed me to meet so many people who are brilliantly talented. One person I met is Meryl from Doodle Around who is based in the UK. She painted this beautiful pebble for me in the theme of rock – lismore paper – scissors. This pebble is intended to travel from person to person to see where it lands. For now this pebble will travel with me virtually via paper. I will share shots on IG and the blog. Here you can download free paper that can be used for journaling projects, cards, decoupage and any craft you can dream.

Click on the above link to print the pdf. This is for personal use.

I wish you and your families a safe, healthy and happy week!

Much Love,


32 thoughts on “Rock ~ Paper ~Scissors Series – Postcard From Paris

  1. The rock and the artwork brilliant and always brilliant .. last summer here in Kent, there was a challenge going on where we live in Deal and everyone started painting rocks and leaving them on seats – people picked them up, carried them for a while and then put them on another seat ….. a few of those rocks ended up in locations all over the world πŸ™‚

    Love the postcard.

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  2. Ah, how I like your postcard Lisa and Meryl’s creative project too. As I write this message, you, Darren, Linda and Dee-Dee should have been in Montreal with me. There will be other trips eventually. Until then, thank you for letting us travel through your creativity. Much love sis!

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