Carolina Larkspur Botanical Print

I discovered this beauty while going through a book called, A Guide to Wildflowers. The best part is this image is on the public domain. It would make a beautiful sign, journal cover, jewelry, or as hanging art. This is a slender perennial with unbranched stems. White to pale blue, spurred flowers in a narrow … Continue reading Carolina Larkspur Botanical Print

When Fashion and Nature Collide – Anniversary Edition

It is a season of renew, blooms, a spring palette of neutrals, pale hues of pinks, greens, and purples. There is a need to discover nature's wonders and to inspire the artsy soul. A simple kind of beauty makes this time of the year magical. Whimsical delights dance in the changing air. It's March, a month that marks change. This year it is extra special to me, it also marks, When Fashion and Nature Collide, first anniversary.