Botanical Sampler

I have been testing some layered backgrounds for new botanical prints. There is an endless amount of script ephemera out there in the public domain that I personally can never pass up. Sometimes the perfect script requires some work, removing the background on these documents can take minutes to hours, but the end result is … Continue reading Botanical Sampler

Launching the Fashioned by Nature shop on Threadless

I am excited to announce the launch of our new Threadless shop with my talented and amazing friends Dominique and Darren, Fashioned By Nature. Dominique ‘s announcement was the perfect introduction. I have reblogged her post. I hope you have a chance to check out our shop. Much love! Lisa

When fashion and nature collide, you get the perfect balance of organic beauty enhanced by human ingenuity. With the Fashioned by Nature shop on Threadless, you get a collaborative effort between three passionate minds who are all agreed on one thing: A natural fashion makes the best clothes.
The Fashioned by Nature Threadless shop is the natural expansion of our When Fashion and Nature Collide (WFNC) monthly edition. The WFNC Issues feature outfit looks and designs inspired by Lisa and Darren’s zealous study of nature, artwork and photography. With such an impassioned team by my side, my part as stylist becomes quite easy. The outfits that I put together from Lisa and Darren’s art and photography are created in the spirit of protecting nature. I use clothing from my own wardrobe supplemented with new items from socio-eco-friendly brands, vintage shops and thrift stores. You can always see my new creations on the third…

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