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Hello! Wanted to share this fantastic blog with you. Check out Aga’s blog, it is incredible! Much love, Lisa 💗


Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you so much Mel from Fiction In My Head for nominating me! Mel is so talented! So if you are not following her you are missing out. I had an opportunity to create a piece of multi media art for Mel this year, thank you, Mel! I had a great time creating it! I absolutely love her fiction posts based on pictures taken by Darren from the ArtyPlantsman this is my way of begging for more you two, please 🙂

Thank the blogger who nominated you. Thank you, Mel!

Use the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo on your post. – See above
Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you. – See below
Nominate 5-11 bloggers you want to give the award to. – I nominate anyone who wants to answer. So Mel, right back at ya!
Ask the following bloggers that you selected 11 questions of your own. – Mel’s are really good, so I will do my best.

So let’s get to it. Here are Mel’s questions and my response to each of them.

1. Naked or not or both (think carefully)? Well…it really depends on the situation. In the ideal situation naked (no mosquitoes in sight)…free as a bird!

2. Spaghetti or Fettuccini and why? Thin spaghetti. Like it about twice a year. I know…how weird. My husband would have it every day.

3. What sauce would you use up there for question 2 and why? Garlic and Cheese…lots of cheese.

4. Harley Davidson or Vespa? Explain. After working rescue for a number of years, I will not ride either. I will stick to creating them.

Scooter Art

5. Leather or lace with that drink? Is this a trick question, Mel? I think I can hear her giggle. Leather for me.

6. Where would you do it? Oh, you mean where I would have a drink. lol. A sports bar, most likely watching hockey.

7. With whom would you do where you would do what you do, did, done did from question 6? Mel, you are trying to get me in trouble 🙂 Going with the Super D answer, they know who they are.

8. What drink would you have with the Leather or Lace from question 5? Blue Chair Bay Rum, 90 miles to Cuba.

9. How would you disguise yourself if you had to sneak in to your employer’s office in order to retrieve important incriminating documents? Mock rescue and smoke machines. Full turnout gear.

10. What did she say exactly? You know… after you did what you did when you did that thing you did while you were doing it. (*wink*) Let’s have another 🙂

11. How was that thing anyway? Amazing!

12. I know I am, but what are YOU doing the rest of your life? Not holding myself back!


  1. What are you reading right now/or what is your next read?
  2. The most adventurous thing on your bucket list?
  3. Song that makes your soul dance?
  4. Superman or Batman?
  5. Leggings, tights/nylons, or nude?
  6. Potter or Twilight?
  7. Cat or Dog or something more exotic?
  8. Favorite vacation spot and why?
  9. Make-up or Natural?
  10. What makes your heart skip a beat instantly?
  11. Action or Romance?
  12. Favorite date place?

MY NOMINEES…no running away!

I do not like to pick people for these type of awards, but I do encourage my followers to answer. Mel, I’d love to read your answers! So many of you out there that I’d love to learn more about. Come on…just a few questions, no pressure 🙂 Please link back with your answers OR answer one of my questions in the comments.

Thank you again, Mel!

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When Fashion and Nature Collide – July Edition

Scooter ArtThe summer months call us outside to enjoy our surroundings, let us feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. This year it’s been especially hot all over the world. It’s a perfect time to put on your favorite hat for a little shade, enjoy the music – perhaps your favorite song or natures music of chirping birds and the buzz of wildlife. Sweet frogs singing in the rain or lush leaves acting like a chime in the wind. There is nothing like the natural song of Mother Nature. Grab your favorite hat and take a spin with us.

When Fashion and Nature Collide, is a monthly project collaboration with me and three wonderfully talented WP friends: Dominique from 3C Style, Roda from Growing Self and Darren from Arty Plantsman. The third Wednesday of each month you will see art from me that was inspired by outfits styled and modeled by Dominique, critter photography from Roda, and flower photography from Darren.

Photo Jul 11, 10 52 14 AM

Roda’s photo collage and dragonfly photography. T-Shirt art copyright Lisa Lawrence Lismore Paper and design copyright Dominique Nancy 3C Style 2018.

Our first stop lands us in Maine with the Dragon lady! This piece is dedicated to our friend and fellow WP blogger Linda, Maine Paper Pusher a.k.a fast flying dragon lady! There was much inspiration surrounding this art piece and was crafted out of love. Roda’s photography inspired the look of the dragonfly, make sure you visit her post for more on this gorgeous critter. From the big round eyes to the tip of the tail, it’s all in the details that Roda has captured through her lens.

This second piece of art came late in the month after Linda posted this, A Critter Quiz, as I was working on my art. Dragons are magical and they start their life in water! Thank you, Linda for inspiring this piece, Metamorphosis – Birth of a Dragon. Let’s head to our next stop.

Birth of a Dragon 5 x 7

Artwork copyright Lisa Lawrence, Lismore Paper.

Our second stop takes us to a walk in the park. Nature inspires so many things from clothing, pattern, and color, to items like journal covers and paper. Make sure you visit Darren and Dominique’s post for more on this beautiful fashion, architecture, and botanical drawings. They are going to be used for a special project that all of you fashionistas are going to love!

Book with Dragonfly and flowers

Darren and Lisa Art Book

1st – Photograph of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola – Stylist/Model: Dominique Nancy – Flower Art by Darren Sleep – Dragonfly Art by Lisa Lawrence. 2nd- Photograph by Marie-Claude Viola – Flower Art by Darren Sleep – Dragonfly Art by Lisa Lawrence

Our third stop takes us to the above art, Let’s take a Spin. This was inspired by this series of Blue Orchid art and styling on a scooter. It feels carefree, reminding me of streets lined with flower shops, bistros, and feel good living. Dominique is modeling one of my favorite hats. The color of the blue orchid is carried into the flower scooter. You have to see what Dominique is up to at our next stop.

Photo Jul 11, 11 14 19 PM

Collage by Roda, Photography of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola – Stylist/Model: Dominique Nancy – Artwork- Lisa Lawrence, Blue Orchid Photography Darren Sleep

Our fourth and final stop, hold on to your hat! We are loving them this month! Dominique is even playing the piano for us!! What kind of music is she playing?

_MG_0485 - copie
WFNC Hats & Music
1st – Photograph of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola – Stylist/Model: Dominique Nancy 2nd- Multi media art by Lisa Lawrence using photos by Roda, Darren, Dominique, and Lisa.

I hope you enjoyed this spin through the July issue. Like the ocean? Our August edition takes us there!

Make sure you are reading the full edition. Visit Roda, Dominique, and Darren. It’s where Fashion and Nature Collide!

Much love,










Watermelon Salad Paper and Recipe

Watermelon Salad Paper 1

Graphics and multi media are a part of our everyday life from packaging, television, advertisement, and products. I am constantly looking at packaging, taking it all in, driving my husband crazy by looking over all the new products. Let’s face it, some of the beauty products are packaged beautifully.

I love to make graphics, but you have gathered that if you are a follower. It can be anything from flowers, food, objects, people, animals, etc. Over the years, I have quite a large collection. Anything I don’t have, I make by painting, pen & ink, watercolor, or by camera. Then I scan, remove the background, and fix any errors that I see in the original art. Then the fun begins, layers upon layers can be built. Let’s not forget about the ephemera that is available in the public domain to use as a background. Looking for hours on end is my winter hobby. Some antique stores even carry it.

Soon, I will be adding some of these type of graphics and paper to LismorePaperCo I do offer custom orders.

I was asked for this recipe by a neighbor and thought it was the perfect opportunity to get a little creative. Watermelon Salad is one of my favorite summer salads. It’s so flavorful and delicious especially if you let it chill for an hour. Esme sits, waiting for bits of this salad, too! It’s that good 🙂

You can click on the paper above to save to your device . The recipe card is 4 x 6 inch and can be printed. Each item is for personal use. Watermelon Salad Recipe card 4 x 6

Watermelon Salad Recipe card 4 x 6

Hope you have a brilliant Sunday!

Just a reminder don’t miss our 5th Edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. Mark your calendars, it’s on July 18th!

Much love,




Meet Esmerelda


It was brought to my attention that most of you didn’t know that I have an amazing side kick, Esmerelda. We call her Esme for short. When I realized I had only made remarks in posts about having a dog, and never sharing this hairy beast, I had to change that.

Esme is eight years old and a black German Shepherd. She is faithful, loving, and has such a kind heart. There is only one drawback, if you knock on the door, she goes into I didn’t invite you mode. Now, if you have a Dream Bone in your hand or something really tasty like a Ham Sammy, she most likely will let you in if you toss it to her and immediately sit down. She’s not quite Cujo unless she sees a chipmunk. I have to pause in writing this post because someone wants to eat.

Esme at 11 and 13 weeks old. She stole my heart as soon as I brought her home.

Esme and her sister Esther became a part of our family after our beloved chihuahua, Marge, passed away. I never thought in a million years I could ever love a dog as much as I loved him. Marge was a boy, I know…odd, but it fit. I was wrong, I love her endlessly and is truly a best friend. Unfortunately, we were only blessed with Esther for five years before illness took her too soon.

Esme and Esther, they were truly sisters. Fight one minute and love each other the next. So Linda, I can completely relate.

Esme has changed a bit since Esther has passed. She is more spoiled, vocal, and she has learned some sign language. It’s fun to be able to communicate without words, I twirl my finger in a circle to tell her to wipe her feet at the door. Now if she could hold the doggy wipe and wipe her paws when raining it would be amazing!

So when I am creating, she is laying beneath my desk with her head on my foot. I don’t think my creations would be quite the same without her by my side. There is nothing better and more pure than loving and being loved by a dog. I love seeing everyone’s pets and the crazy things they do. I hope you continue to share your pets with all of us.


We hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Much love.

Lisa & Esme





Strawberry Shortcake Paper

Strawberry Shortcake Paper 4 x 6

With the upcoming holiday and attending our neighborhood beach party next Saturday, my mind has been on summer treats. There is nothing better than whip cream, fresh picked strawberries, and cake . I could not resist adding a side of flowers and ephemera. This is set as a 4 x 6 card.

Strawberry Shortcake Paper 4 x 6

Click on the PDF link to save to your device. Free for personal use. Great as a card, decoupage, and craft projects.

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed celebration!

Much love,