When Fashion and Nature Collide – A Garden Party

Beehive Lady Postcard

In this edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide we invite you to a garden party. Imagine strolling through a manicured garden filled with lively colored flowers, beautiful critters collecting pollen, and butterflies putting on a show of their own. Linens topped with English lace tablecloths and beautiful flower arrangements adorning the tables. Fine china with tea sandwiches and our favorite summer salads. Well plated desserts and flower infused ice in the refreshing spritzer. Beautiful fashion and show stopping accessories, friends and family mingling with smiles. Take time to enjoy the warm, sweet feel of summer. We are in full bloom and working hard to get the garden ready.

The above piece is set on a 5 x 7 post card. The blond girl has a bee hive for hair, a peony flower dress, and surrounded by her sweet honey bees made of water color flowers and leaves. Roda’s bees including her 2 Queens, Thelma and Louise have been a great source of inspiration. See Thelma on the hair and Louise on the shoulder. More to come on one of my favorite pieces, the bee.

My contribution to this months edition is a whimsy one. Using mostly watercolor paintings and the computer, I created many pieces inspired by Dominique from 3C Style, Roda from Growing Self, and Darren from the Arty Plantsman. Make sure to click on the links to complete this edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. Find the links below to download the art in this post for your own personal use.

Let’s take a walk through the garden gallery…

BEE CUZ! I had so much fun creating this bee using watercolor flowers, leaves, and careful placement. The best part about this, Dominique and I were able to collaborate on this particular piece, she made this into a fashion statement with the tee design and slogan. I love it so much! Stay tuned to where you can purchase this fantastic tee!

Photo Jun 08, 4 18 26 PM

The pattern of this particular butterfly captured us so much, a Kitten Heel shoe design was created. The color of the flower and butterfly blend so nicely. Look how the outfit matches perfectly. It’s only natural to want shoes 🙂 Using colored pencil, I was able to capture the circle pattern of the butterfly.

Photo Jun 12, 8 23 57 PM

Butterfly Kitten Heel and Inspiration

What is a garden party without butterfly wings. This watercolor girl needed a bit of whimsy added. This piece is set on a 5 x 7 post card and the shoe pattern textile. The dark-haired butterfly girl has a watercolor peony flower dress, and has colored pencil butterfly wings.

Butterfly Lady Postcard

Want to take a piece of our garden party with you. Place cards add a personal touch to your party and can even be made into labels. Look how great Darren’s flower ties this all together!

Garden Party Place Card PNG

You can click on these links below and download to your device for personal use.

Beehive Lady Postcard PDF 5 x 7

Butterfly Lady Postcard PDF 5 x 7

Two Garden Party Place Cards and directions PDF

Thank you for attending our When Fashion and Nature Collide Garden Party! Don’t forget to visit Dominique, Roda, and Darren at the above links. When Fashion and Nature Collide

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A Garden Party

Garden Party

Join us on Wednesday, June 20th for a Garden Party edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. You will see fashion, beautiful flowers, critters, and art. Until then, you can check out our past editions below with links.

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I cannot wait to see you there!

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French Botanical Paper Gotu-Kola

I am so deeply touched by Luda@PlantsandBeyond.com for sharing my paper on her blog. I have learned so much from her. One of my favorites on WP. Go check out her Green Plants Based Living and Gardening, you will be so happy you did. Much love, Lisa

Plants and Beyond

I feel so very humbled and honored to make a tiny difference in someone’s life and to be mentioned in another blog. This is so exciting and makes me want to go on, do imaginary kart wheels from all the joy, share and connect with the world. Thank you, dearest, Lisa for enriching my life and making me feel so special. What a talented artist you are, have no idea how you put these classy plant images together on paper and I am so impressed, simply beautiful!!!!

Here is Lisa’s original post that made me stop in my tracks during the family trip and count the blessings in my life. Check out this talented, kind and beautiful soul lady at  https://lismorepaper.com/

One more thing. It’s a new moon phase where new beginnings take place. I thought of replacing my old website wallpaper with this exact refreshing image this week.


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Seven Day Photo Challenge with a 3C Style Twist

My beautiful and talented friend Dominique over at 3C Style has tagged me in the Seven Days Photo Challenge! Thanks so much, Dominique! Like her, I am twisting it up because I just cannot help myself.

The official rules are … Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanations. Challenge someone new each day.

My rule breaking … Because of my love for seeing both black & white and color side by side, I’m doing both. And…Instead of challenging someone new each day, I want all of you who are interested in this challenge to take it up, join us having fun, and maybe break the rules a bit! Just to add one more while I’m at it…they are all in the same post.








Hope you can participate!

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French Botanical Paper Gotu-Kola

Gotu Kola with drangonflies on French Kitchen Paper 8.5 x 11 JPEG

Recently, I learned about this herb, Gotu-Kola and it’s amazing properties. I love to learn about medicinal herbs and their endless benefits. Luda, at Plants and Beyond is one of my favorites. She posted this great article about Gotu-Kola. Click on the links provided to read the benefits.

I was inspired by her comments and created this French Botanical. Set on a French Kitchen bookplate from 1882, I added the Gotu-Kola and a pair of dragonflies. This is free to use – personal use only. Click on the link and save to your device. This is great for kitchen art and crafting.

Gotu Kola with drangonflies on French Kitchen Paper 8.5 x 11

You never know what you can discover outside of your front door!

Much love,