Free Botanical Graphic

White Lily PDF 8 x 10

Yesterday I was on the hunt for any hint of a flowering anything. Even though nothing was blooming, I saw buds on the lilac, soft trees, and green leaves popping in the gardens. Finally the iris and lily leaves are poking through the ground. I’m hoping my roses and sweet peas made it through the cold of the winter. For now, I will marvel all of the beautiful flowers and trees I see on WP and Instagram. I may have a bit of plant envy going on 🙂

Capturing a few pictures on my walk yesterday, you can see there is much cleanup to get to, hopefully I can make a small dent in it today. The driftwood seems to be surfacing again, which makes me happy. I have a project I am working on and hope to share it with all of you soon.

In the mean time, enjoy the 8 x 10 Botanical Graphic. It can be used as art, card making, transfer image, decoupage craft, etc.

White Lily PDF 8 x 10 Click on the link to download to your device.


Have a happy Sunday!

Much love,



Spring Visitor

LL 4.22

I didn’t think spring would arrive this year. Just a week ago, we listened to the ping of freezing rain hit the windows and then leave a gift from Mother Nature of snow and ice behind. Although we still have some snow in the woods where the sun can’t break through, there has been a shift from white to green.

The birds are singing in harmony again. There are no brisk winds and the air has warmth to it – refreshing. The days are longer, the earth is unfreezing allowing green shoots to poke through like a promise of good things to come. For me, it was a happy day, we had a spring visitor. He is one we look forward to seeing after a long winter.

Blue Boy 4.22Blue Boy 3Blue Boy 2

Out the front door, we had another visitor. One lone turkey scratching away.

Turkey 4.22.18

I love to see the green emerge from a long winters nap.

LL 4.22 2

Happy spring! Enjoy the sun 🙂

Much love,



Art Inspiration – When Fashion and Nature Collide

April Ladybird Art

There is so much inspiration to be found in nature. Our team has chosen several flowers, critters, and fashion to feature this month. For April, my choice was based on color and the need for spring to make its appearance. The pop of ladybug red, black and white, and sunshine yellow is a feast for the eyes especially after a long winter.

The pattern on Dominique’s coat and color resembles a ladybug and also pulls the vibrant red of the turban buttercup. I also think about the textile artists and fashion designers who use their art and craft to create beautiful clothing using plant, animal, and fibers to mimic these patterns and colors. Inspiration for textiles have been fundamental in creating clothing since the beginning of civilization.

Drawn in by the ladybug, or some, refer to it as the ladybird, I was easily captured by Dominique of 3C Style choice of fashion. Being inspired by Roda from Growing Self, her beautiful photo of the perfect ladybug on greens, and Darren from The Arty Plantsman, photos of his double-flowered forms of the Ranunculus or Turban Buttercup in red, white, and yellow, you can see how this look came together. From these, I was able to sketch and create art based on how closely Fashion and Nature come together. I was especially drawn to the silky appearance of the Turban Buttercup. For all of the April looks, make sure to visit the links above.

Below is one of my favorite Ladybug quotes in a free printable. For all of the fashionista’s, is one of my sketch’s from the art work above. These are for personal use only. Great for craft projects or art. Click on the link to download to your device.

Ladybug Fashion 5 x 7  and  Ladybugs Dance 8 x 10

Ladybugs Dance 8 x 10

Ladybug Fashion 5 x 7

Let nature inspire you!

Much love,



Free Botanical Print

Kalmia latifolia 8 x 10 teaThere is nothing like an aged botanical print. It can add so much to a craft project or art for your home. I have even made small note cards and envelopes as a thank you from this particular print.

I have attached a Kalmia – I love the color of this print and the tea stained background. This was a salvage print that has been restored, but still has a nice amount of patina. Great for a vintage look.

Kalmia (Mountain Laurel, Calico Bush) is ideal as a landscape accent, informal border or hedge, or anywhere its star-like, deep pink, flowers can be appreciated. Leathery, evergreen leaves adorn the reddish-brown, scaly bark, and the blooms attract even more beauty to the garden in the form of birds and butterflies! Kalmia is a low-maintenance, evergreen shrub that’s great for naturalizing, works well with other evergreens, and is an excellent choice for partially shaded sites.

Happy Sunday!
Much love,

The Beauty of Spring and a free Spring Print

DSC_0001 (2)

With the air crisp and cold it almost convinced me it was a January morning. Even though it is April, this was the view on Saturday. The trees frosted with a thin layer of snow, a fresh blanket of white on the ground and the spring birds singing. Usually, the lake is frozen and offers no reflection of the landscape on the water when the snow falls. The previous day was a balmy thirty eight degrees and just enough to melt the lake. This is the beauty of spring. The little surprises when you open the curtain in the morning. We have no green signs of life at the moment, the poor little dears are buried beneath the snow, but with the sun it still evokes magic. Nature, no matter what the season, still provides a serene stillness you can enjoy if dressed properly.

This morning, the view and temps were slightly different. It had dropped into the low teens over night. I don’t think the geese appreciated this fact as they were standing on the ice. Today, I could not get close. They flapped their wings in anger. I really could not blame them, they were freezing their tail feathers off. If you look close you can see their outline.

DSC_0005 (2)

Since there are no signs of green and certainly no flowers, I thought a spring print would brighten the day. Click on image below to save to your device. This is for personal use only. This is a 4 x 6 print.

4 x 6 Watercolor Rabbit Post with pink hydrangea

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining!

Much love,



Botanical Paper

Blue Flower and butterfly botanical paper 8.5 x 11

Easter is such a blessed holiday, mine was extra special this year because I was able to spend it with some of my family.  Even though we received snow yesterday and more to come on Tuesday, I know the green will soon be stretching itself across the landscape.

For Easter, I thought this beautiful Lily of the Nile would pair nicely with the colorful butterfly and invoice paper. Right click or copy the image to your drive. This is for personal use. This will print out at 8.5 x 11 or A2 and can be resized. Can be used as art or a craft.

I hope everyone who celebrates has a fantastic Easter and is filled with love.

Much love,