Growing Self Blogger Award

Growing Self Award

My wonderful, funny, amazingly talented gardener, artist, science, and antique microscope loving friend Darren over at The Arty Plantsman has nominated me for this award. I am so blessed to have become part of Darren’s world, I have met so many wonderful people because of him. Thank you Darren, for this nomination, it means the world to me. Thank you to Roda, for starting the Growing Self Blogger Award.

“The Growing Self Blogger Award has been created to acknowledge and celebrate amazing individuals, in the blogging community, who are persevering through life’s challenges not only to GROW as individuals,  but to reach out and help others GROW as well.” ~Roda

How Does It Work:

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank the individual that nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Describe the award and mention the creator: Roda  –
  • Nominate up to 5 blogs.  Remember, the purpose of this award is to specifically celebrate those individuals that have made a difference in your life or the lives of others.
  • Give at least 1 reason why you nominated each individual.
  • Notify your nominees of the award

Because of mutual friends, several have been nominated already. We all grow and are enriched because they share a piece of themselves, their lives, and families so brilliantly. You inspire me with each and every post.

I am delighted to nominate these amazing bloggers! There is, as always, no obligation to take part. This is simply a way I can show my love for you and express my thanks for your friendship and inspiration.

Novus Lectio  A gifted writer who inspires me with each post. So talented. Reading and searching for the difficult answers is why I adore this blog and amazing talent.

Fiction in My Head by Mel Gutiér A gifted writer who makes me smile. Her words flow perfectly. I look forward to her post and comments week after week.

Typewriter Girl Not only is this blog amazing in so many ways, but you would short yourself if you didn’t visit Paula’s Instagram account. I am so inspired by her words, beautiful photography, and the way she shares snippets of her life. Not to forget her amazingly handsome, Boris.

Plants and Beyond I am so excited to share Luda’s blog with you. She inspires me to live better. She is passionate about Organic Green Living, Gardening, Volunteering, Herbal and Natural Medicine, Cooking, Healing, Self-improvement, Pooches, and Reading. Her ideas and knowledge she shares on her blog make my soul happy.

The Thankful Heart Rhonda’s blog is filled with family, recipes (which are AMAZING by the way), and whole-hearted goodness. She is one of the kindest souls and her writing is so eloquent. I am especially inspired by her faith.

I know there are so many more that I want to mention, so I am going to break the rules a bit. Birds Blooms and All Things BeautifulA Petite Slice of Life, The Chicken GrandmaOver The Hill On the Yellow Brick Road, Platform Number Four, Ramblingratz, Little Fears, Chewing On Glass

Have a wonderful weekend!

38 thoughts on “Growing Self Blogger Award

  1. HI Lisa! Thank you soooo much for my extended nomination for the Growing Self Blogger Award–I’m one of those you broke the rules to nominate. What an awesome, creative idea! It’s so very hard to narrow down just a few bloggers for an award–and you came up with a perfect solution. Should I respond to the nomination–even though I’m one of the rebels? 🙂 Cathi

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  2. Congrats on your new award. I just started following you! Looking forward to see future posts… I will be adding a lot more art and craft things to my blog very soon. If you ever wish to do a collaboration let me know. Congrats again!

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