One Lovely Blog Award


Darren Sleep from the The Arty PlantsmanΒ has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to my blogging friend who is an incredibly talented artist, gardener, and has the greatest sense of humor. I am so honored that this award is from this amazing soul.

One lovely Blog award rules:

1- Thank the person that nominated you.

2- Provide a link to their blog.

3- List the rules.

4- Display the award on your post of the Award.

5- List seven interesting facts about yourself

6- Nominate other bloggers for this award and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

7 Interesting Facts

#1 – I love old medical art and dictionaries. From where I am sitting, I can see four of my favorite pieces. I have been blessed with having my great grandfathers medical dictionary – he was a veterinary surgeon. Old Books

#2 – The above photo is a preview to the 2nd. I love old books. I have them everywhere throughout my house. Again, these are a collection from my family. It includes classic tales, history, medical, and psychology books.

#3 – I love ephemera and art. Oil paintings and watercolor. Flowers and birds are my favorite. Old business cards (medical mostly), receipts, invoices, stained papers, vintage seed catalogs, architecture prints, and especially typography.

#4 – Hockey! I am a huge fan. Have loved the game since I was young. My favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings. I try to watch every game.

#5 – Spreadsheets and analytical data collection. Formulas, science and compounds, why things work the way they do. I’d be perfectly happy locked away in a medical lab as long as no animals were involved. I’d take them all home and save them πŸ™‚

#6 -Art Supplies: Colored Pencils – Watercolors – Markers – and small art journals make my heart twitterpated.

#7 – Soaps made from botanicals. There is nothing like fine soaps and I collect them like there will be a world shortage. Here is my favorite shop, Formulary 55. It took me longer to write this post because I was on their wonderful site. The packaging is my favorite and causes me to rethink opening the pretty wrapping.

My nominees! No obligation at all because I know some people don’t like these awards and/or struggle for time.

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Mehrling Muse – Life in the mountains


Thank you to NovusLectio for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award! I will post that one next πŸ™‚




2018 Calendar Crafts

Bird Calendar January 2018

Just before the holidays, I was busy creating and assembling calendars for family and co-workers. I like calendars, especially small ones. These are 4 x 6. I bound some of them together using washi tape and magnets. And the washi tape, oh the choices! It was a fun, print and cut, craft project. My original idea was to cut a birch tree round to use as a holder, but unfortunately, Jack Frost didn’t think that was a good plan.

This size calendar can be used for journal inserts, scrapbooking, smash book and bullet journals.Β  The best element of a smash book and bullet journal is you write, draw, and paste favorite pictures, inspirations, and calendars inside. It’s a fun way to put a collection in one place. It’s a hobby to do with the kids. The top of the calendar also makes excellent magnets πŸ™‚

I am sharing January and February. It’s a great way to start your own journal or a decorative calendar for the refrigerator. The entire collection can be found here.

Bird Calendar 2018 Jan and Feb

I’d love to hear about what crafts and projects you love.

Happy creating!!

Happy New Year!

Unicorn and Stars

There is something so inspiring about starting a new year. There are many goals to tackle, blank pages to fill in journals and sketch books, a clean slate. So where do we start?

Trust the magic of new beginnings! Dream a new dream for the story is yours to write. This year, I am going to trust in myself, create my own happiness, and be in the moment with a smile. One smile from a stranger can open an unhappy heart.

For a sprinkle of inspiration, I have attached a free Unicorn and Stars PDF printable. Great to use for journal covers, tags, canvas, cotton, decoupage, nursery art, etc.

Unicorn and Stars

I wish you all love, peace, and happiness in 2018! I dare you to believe in yourself!