Easter whites

This weeks Reblog Sunday is from Edinburghgardendiary.com. I am reblogging the latest post, but all the post will bring a smile to your face. Hope you enjoy!

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Edinburgh Garden Diary


The past six or eight weeks have been pretty hectic in our household, so it was a delight to have a long weekend to myself at last with plenty of time to make up a vase of flowers for Easter Sunday. Last spring and summer I made a huge edit of the front garden, which had been looking chaotic and incoherent in its colours and forms. I removed any plants that did not suit my new theme, leaving those that sat better in the shady setting, and dividing and increasing those that remained so that the garden contained fewer types of plants. Almost all of the flowers in the garden are now in shades of white, cream, purple and blue, with the odd splash of yellow in some early tulips and daffodils, and later some apricots and oranges. Later this week I will be able to show you some photos…

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