The cause and effect of storytelling for me starts with story plates. I am a visual person who needs a creative map. This also keeps me on track because I could easily write by the seat of my pants, in complete circles, and then pull all my hair out when I try to edit. I build from the story plates, writing chapter highlights on the back of each plate. It’s also fun to look back after a period of time to see how the story has evolved into something you actually want someone else to read.

I also keep a phrasing journal for the story I am working on. If anyone ever got their hands on this, they would give me a look of insanity. I know my fellow writers out there know exactly what I mean. I use this during the first and second draft phase – what I like to call, ugly writing. Getting the words down, in some sort of order with setting, plot, and the characters personality is key for me to continue the story – hopefully to the end.

For me, this is a fun way to write and become visually invested in my project. Happy writing and creating!

With much love,







One thought on “Storytelling

  1. Great posting, Elisabeth! I love the whole idea of using the story plates. That’s fantastic.

    Also, I can totally relate to what you said about being concerned about what others would think if they got their hands on your phrasing journal. If anyone saw all the “crazy” thoughts and ideas I’ve written in my note books, they’d probably want to lock me away! Lol


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