Poetry is a short story captured with a few precise words – sometimes they rhyme and sometimes they are just words put together to form the thoughts of the author. I love short stories, photos that tell a hidden story, and poignant lines that lead into a story line that just won’t let you sleep at night. Sometimes memories prompt you to write short stories, or poetry capturing a moment in time.

I have worked for a few Fire and Rescue Departments, The science of fire and medicine is truly one of my deep-rooted passions. I love helping and meeting people who have forever inked my soul like an internal tattoo. I have experienced great joys, life-long friendships and love, great saves, and horrific losses. I believe each person comes into your life for a reason. I remember this young lady I write of vividly. Even though her life was cut short to soon, her beauty and strength have stayed with me. I was able to learn a little bit about her life from her family that visited our station after her funeral, and for that, I am grateful.



The moon was full and the stars were bright.

We sat in the sand as he gently touched my skin.

A ship sailing by was the only thing in sight.

We listened to the waves crash in.

He whispered in my ear how much he loved me.

We laid on the hood of his car for hours on end.

Sharing our dreams of what we would be.

We even talked about how many invitations we would send.

On our way home that night without a care.

The stars filled the inked sky.

As we turned at the bend it caught my stare.

In a blink of an eye.

When I awoke all I could see was flashing light

Red, white and blue

People surrounded me the noise was so loud, an awful sight

The pain I felt tried to over take me and then I knew

In my hair the glass and sand

Then I glanced over a single white sheet covered him

I reached over to hold his hand

We were here on a whim.

As they popped open the door and lifted me out,

all I could hear was one person say,

β€œI only had a few! I can drive! I have no doubt.”

Without a thought of life. A shuddering last breath, I cannot stay.

With much love,



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