Sweet Scent of Life

There is something magical about spring. Humidity begins to transform the air into a greenhouse. The green growth evolves into a lush carpet, and the buds transform into a bloom with the sweet scent of life. The birds whistle and the frogs sing, filling the air with nature’s music.

In northern Michigan, sometimes our winters can be extremely long and bitter, but spring quickly reminds me why I have stayed here forever. This year, the grass seems to uprooted itself purposely, landing in my gardens. I have threatened it, but it laughs back only to root its feet a little deeper into the soil, standing its ground.

While weeding, and weeding some more, I uncovered some of my favorite spring growth. I also sat and watched a blue heron devour his supper. Really I should have been editing…easily distracted, what can I say.

Here’s the view through the looking glass…

Law Lake.jpg

Wild Strawberries.jpg

Wild Cherry

Blue Flowers.jpg



Blue Herr 2

With much love,


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