Welcome to Pen, Paper and Petals

Hello! My name is Lisa, welcome to my blog. I live in northern Michigan with my family which includes my fur daughter.

Pen, Paper and Petals is about my three passions: Writing, Photography, and being a creative and happy human πŸ™‚

I started this blog to share my stories, the view through the looking-glass (my camera lens), and the beautiful petals that simply make us smile. This allows me to inspire, but more so, to be inspired by others creativity. I hope this journey will allow me to meet others, grow along the way, and to gain more self-confidence with myself and my art.

I will also post about my favorite things like pens, pretty paper-journals, flowers, soap/savons, and Pinterest. A few yard/home improvements may make an appearance (if they areΒ looking-glass worthy). I will be sharing my work-in-progress novels just to keep myself motivated…I can procrastinate at times.

I am inspired by so many of you. To all of you already sharing your work, thank you for inspiring all of us!





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