Spread the word…Save the Bees

copyright Lismore Paper Sweet pollinators. These hard workers certainly know how to put food on our table. From apples to zucchini's, even the pumpkin in our pies, we must thank them. Did you know, without bees, pollination doesn’t happen, and zucchini buds literally die on the vine. It's nature's finest work. Honey.com is one of my … Continue reading Spread the word…Save the Bees


When Fashion and Nature Collide – Anniversary Edition

It is a season of renew, blooms, a spring palette of neutrals, pale hues of pinks, greens, and purples. There is a need to discover nature's wonders and to inspire the artsy soul. A simple kind of beauty makes this time of the year magical. Whimsical delights dance in the changing air. It's March, a month that marks change. This year it is extra special to me, it also marks, When Fashion and Nature Collide, first anniversary.

When Fashion and Nature Collide – LOVE

Nature is deeply healing to our soul. Fresh air, flowers, and trees has a direct link to our wellbeing. Stress and anxiety seem to melt away under the sun, by the water, and amongst the trees. It increases a positive mood, emotionally and physically, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of … Continue reading When Fashion and Nature Collide – LOVE